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High reliability and reliability of the new series of film encapsulated chip resistors

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today announced the availability of a new family of film-coated chip resistors, PFRR, that have passed the ESCC-4001/023 certification to achieve R-level failure rates. PFRR resistors are the industry's first TCR with a tolerance of 0.05% as low as 10ppm / ° C.

The Vishay Sfernice resistor is designed to meet the stringent requirements for military, aerospace and medical applications where the reliability requirements are extremely high. The stability of the load life at a rated power of 8000 hours at ± 70 ° C is 0.25%. Through 100% screening and extensive environmental labeling tests, the reliability of the device is ensured and the device achieves an R-level failure rate (0.01% per 1000 hours) by screening and testing. 

The devices are available in four dimensions, ranging from 100Ω to 3.01MΩ, precision measurements for loop voltages, blood pressure, oxygen, voltage comparators, and satellites, missiles, submarines, spacecraft, blood pumps and blood Monitoring and testing equipment such as acoustics and telecommunications equipment and other low-noise applications were optimized.

The PFRR resistor is terminated with a tin lead, which allows the device to operate at temperatures up to + 155 ° C. The alumina substrate allows the device to have a power rating of 0.50W at 70 ° C. The device has a low noise of less than +35 dB with a voltage coefficient of less than 0.01 ppm / V. Resistors are available in Waffle or reel packaging and are RoHS-compliant according to IEC 61249-2-21.