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The role of chip capacitors in the circuit

In a DC circuit, the capacitor is equivalent to an open circuit. A capacitor is an element that can store charge and is one of the most commonly used electronic components.

This is from the structure of the capacitor. The simplest capacitor consists of both ends of the plate and the middle of the insulating dielectric (including air). After energization, the plates are charged to form a voltage (potential difference), but due to the intermediate insulation, the entire capacitor is nonconductive. However, this is the case where the critical voltage (breakdown voltage) of the capacitor is not exceeded. We know that any material is relatively insulated, when the material at both ends of the voltage increased to a certain extent, the material can be conductive, we call this voltage called breakdown voltage. Capacitance is no exception, the capacitor is breakdown, it is not an insulator. But in the middle school stage, such a voltage in the circuit is not seen, so are working below the breakdown voltage, can be seen as an insulator.

However, in the AC circuit, because the direction of the current is a function of time to change a certain relationship. The process of charging and discharging the capacitor is time, this time, between the plates to form a change in the electric field, and this electric field is also a function of time changes. In fact, the current is passed through the form of the field between the capacitors.

In the middle school stage, there is a saying, called communication, blocking DC, that is the nature of this capacitor.